Nuova Everplastic s.r.l.

Nuova Everplastic s.r.l., one of the first Italian leading companies in the field of plastic materials, has been working for more than thirty years at its headquarters in Calenzano (Florence). Thanks to large investments in new technologies and constant development and innovation, this company producing plastic items in Tuscany guarantees high quality standards and cutting-edge services availing itself of highly qualified staff and using only state-of-the-art machinery. Nuova Everplastic, a partner company of Tubettificio Senese s.r.l., shares its environmental sustainability policy by paying particular attention to environmental respect and impact.

In the last few years the company carried out huge renovation works on the plant in order to put into effect a customer expansion policy and increase production trying to offer new products and meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

The huge selection of plastic products by Nuova Everplastic includes spools, clothes covers, bags for shirts, pallet covers, printed products, adhesive tapes, manual and industrial wraps for packaging and wrapping, plastic and polyethylene bags, polyethylene tubes and caps, and bin bags. All the items are made of polyethylene, which is directly bought from the most important oil companies. The production comes by means of a series of processes starting from the extraction of polyethylene grains through advanced technology extruders and special cutting and welding machines and ending with printing the product.

Our company can both print "online", for a maximum size of 1600 mm in two different colours, and by flexographic system, for a maximum size of 1450 mm in 5/6 colours.

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Nuova Everplastic s.r.l.
Via del Colle ang. Via E. Bessi,snc
50041 Calenzano - Florence
VAT ID number 01962470488
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Lapic s.r.l

Since 1976 Lapic Srl, which is headquartered in Sinalunga (SI), deals with the production of plastic straps and printed angle brackets as well as the supply of strapping machines and accessories for packaging, seals, stretchers and trolleys.  

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Lapic s.r.l
Via Voltella, 16
53048 Sinalunga (SI)
Ph. + 39 0577.679266
Fax. +39 0577.679442